Rustic Apple Tart

Ihave been working to find my zen recently, and one practice I have taken away from my yoga sessions is that of gratitude. Thanksgiving reminds us to be grateful out loud. So what better way to express my gratitude for those in my life than with a Friendsgiving!? Nothing says thank you for being you like a heaping plate of homemade food, some booze, and a rustic apple tart. Continue reading “Rustic Apple Tart”

Vanilla Bean Banana Cream Pie

Today is my father’s 1st birthday. Confusing I know. It is still something that baffles me, but I will explain. Just about two years ago my father was diagnosed with Leukemia. Today marks one year since his bone marrow transplant. The start of a new life. A second birthday. So thus we must celebrate! With Vanilla Bean Banana Cream Pie of course.  Continue reading “Vanilla Bean Banana Cream Pie”