“I just figured if I was going to make the world a better place I would do it with cookies.”
Stranger Than Fiction (2006) 

About the blog:

I am a self-taught baker who slyly networked her way into a professional baking gig to quickly realize the assembly line, 4am, working on Christmas morning style of baking was not for me. What was it then? What was missing?

My Baking Philosophy

Why do we bake? If the answer was as simple as to satiate a sweet tooth, we would all just stock up on cookies and muffins at Costco (I mean that would be my first stop). There’s much more to it. I believe I have narrowed it down to a few key reasons that everyone would agree with.

  1. We bake because we enjoy the process. Watching ingredients transform is like magic. It awakens your senses. It lets you escape for a minute. Plus, the aroma therapy benefits are undeniable.
  2. We bake for a sense of accomplishment and pride. It gives you an opportunity to challenge yourself, the freedom to let your creative juices flow, and a chance to say “Hey, look what I made!”
  3. We bake to know what we are eating. Sometimes we have restrictions. Other times we just want to know our dessert will not last longer than the apocalypse.
  4. Finally, we bake to share a moment. Baking brings us together to share in a celebration, an occasion, a moment of gratitude, a change of season, or just a quiet night at home.

My hope is that this blog will inspire you to create those moments that bring us together (while still hitting on points 1, 2, and 3). Life happens all too quickly. Share a moment. Make it a memory.

About Me:

I love board games, wine/beer tasting, dance aerobics, Harry Potter, small businesses and sourdough waffles. My spirit animal is an otter. Event planning makes me giddy. The happiest city in America (San Luis Obispo, CA) is my home.

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