Pistachio Pepita Granola

The chill of January. A time for hearty soups, belly warming pastas, and cranking up that slow cooker. Not a time for salads. Or rice cakes. Or freeze dried low-calorie salt “flavored” kale chips.

While I’m not against a little detox from the over indulgences of the holidays, the morning chill that creeps under my covers and tests every bit of personal will to drag my butt out of bed is not the type of encouragement I need to blend up an icy slurry of greens and call it a breakfast smoothie.

So then there is granola. There is naughty granola that offers tasty clusters of deliciousness and more sugar than a bowl of Lucky Charms, and then there is the uber-healthy granola consumed by those who start their day with a light 26-mile jog. You know that granola. Full of trendy grains, maybe some kale chip dust, and seeds I prefer to use for growing stylish hairdos on my indoor plants.

This pistachio pepita granola is the best of both of those worlds, offering sweetness through honey, pure maple syrup, and dried fruits with the health benefits of pistachios, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds. This granola will warm you with its spices and start off your chilly winter Monday in the most comforting way. Comfort; not rice cakes.


This is the perfect granola base. It is easily adaptable should you want to double the recipe or if you’re not be able to find a particular ingredient. I adapted the original recipe from the cookbook Whole-Grain Mornings.

Trader Joe’s seems to be the best place to meet your seed needs for this recipe. You’ll stock up with the size of the bags, but this is a good thing because you will make this recipe over and over. Maybe in the same week. Like I did. Twice.  Continue reading “Pistachio Pepita Granola”