Mini Chocolate Syrah Cupcakes

It’s almost Valentine’s Day. Some of you may be lovers of this holiday and some of you may be fighters. This year I am a lover. Two reasons:

1. Mini Chocolate Syrah Cupcakes
2. A very adorable, forward thinking boyfriend.

This cupcake recipe seamlessly blends two of my (and probably your) favorite things; red wine and cupcakes… and chocolate.

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Sweet Potato Cupcakes

Sweet Potato Cupcakes
Who was the first person that decided putting marshmallows on a potato was a good idea? I wouldn’t mind having dinner with them. Well, curiosity got the best of me as it usually does so I decided to do some research. Like it or not, it is time for a history lesson as we dig into this recipe for sweet potato cupcakes with toasted marshmallow topping.

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