Pizza Friday

TGIPF, thank goodness it’s Pizza Friday. Another week gone by just like that, and another reason to celebrate the glory that is Pizza Friday and kick off the weekend with a purpose.

Okay, so Pizza Friday really originated from the fact that my dear BF, Alex, and I had an insatiable craving for pizza every Friday night. We played the, “What do you want for dinner?” game for quite some time before we were just honest with each other and acknowledged that pizza was truly the only answer. Our relationship hit the next level when we came to this mutual understanding.

Living a gluten-free life provides its challenges, but pizza really is not one of them. The world must have also recognized the necessity of Pizza Friday and has supplied us gluten-intolerant beings with a multitude of options. Having taste-tested my way through the majority of chains and local joints, I have found a few favorites. Continue reading “Pizza Friday”

Orange Mascarpone Marbled Pumpkin Bread

Oh autumn. Crisp air, wool scarves, steaming lattes, falling leaves. Or at least that is how it is supposed to be. As it goes on the Central Coast, we are still experiencing what we call an Indian summer. This means that as much as we will it to be fall around here with pick-your-own pumpkin patches and pop-up Halloween stores, it’s still stinking hot. I’m talking 85-95 degrees.Although with the grape vines turning bright orange and a new season of Walking Dead looming, I know it must fall. According to Trader Joe’s, this means pumpkin flavored everything. While they may have gone a little overboard, nothing helps it feel more like fall than a kitchen that smells like cinnamon and nutmeg. I think pumpkin bread with a little twist will do the trick.